Parents in York lose weight & gain confidence

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Residents in York are loosing weight for less than $5 a week. It’s all part of a healthy initiative between the city and Weight Watchers.

Margarette Figueroa’s ready for a change.

“I hate trying on new clothes, I hate going shopping, just really not happy with the weight that I’ve gained,” says Margarette.

So she’s set a goal.

“I’d like to lose between 80 to 100 pounds.  I’ve never been that thin before, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Her goals are attainable through a Healthy Communities Grant between York and Weight Watchers.  It’s designed to help parents who qualify, based on their body mass index and income level criteria.

Margarette says, “It’s such a true blessing because not everybody can afford the $45 or $50 dollars.  I’m a single mom with five kids.”

Members pay $3 a week.

Weight Watchers leader, Barb Walker, applauds the initiative.

“We want parents to take the time for themselves, to develop a new lifestyle and eating healthy and setting an example for their children.”

For parents like Margarette, losing weight for her kids is a big gain.

The initiative provides three locations for parents to meet weekly throughout York.

For more information, contact the city of York.


  • Gracienett Castillo

    I am a mother with one charming, 3 yr old girl. After giving birth, I can say that I have gained weight. It might not be much but I am not seeing the normal body weight that I did have. I understand that, as we become parents, our focus is not the same when we were still single. Our focus is changed to one direction, that direction is to our child/children. Some may not have the leisure of spending more than $50 to go to gym or eat those commercialized "foods" to be healthy and lose weight. As for me, Ive always wanted to be in shape in a cheap way. We can stay in shape by doing exercise and eating healthy foods by preparing and cooking it in our own kitchen. This does not mean that we must not spend a few bucks to have time for ourselves. Spending a few bucks but having a good result in return is worth it. It will help our outlook in life as parents. Who said if youre already a parent, you dont have the rights to think of yourself by losing weight and still being healthy? We are going to be the very first persons our children will look up; being in shape, losing weight and eating healthy will help everyone— our children, partners and ourselves!

  • Samiul Hoque

    Yes. That’s true. Being in formal shape after having kids is a challenge to every mother.
    Taking regular exercise and eating healthy home made food works like a helping hand in this challenge. Thanks for this post.

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