Attorney General’s Office investigating Lebanon County Clerk of Courts

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Lisa Arnold

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office is looking into allegations the Clerk of Courts in Lebanon County is neglecting her duties. According to the affidavit of probable cause, Lebanon District Attorney David Arnold requested the investigation of Lisa Arnold for failing to file records with PennDOT after judgements were rendered in cases involving suspensions of drivers’ licenses. A former Clerk of Court employee, Candis Carpenter, resigned in May of 2013 and told County Commissioners Arnold was “intentionally and continuously” not submitting licenses to PennDOT when the judge had sentenced a defendant to a charge that required a suspension of driving privileges. Law dictates Arnold was supposed to file records within 10 days of a judgement.

Conversely, some drivers did not have their licenses restored in a timely manner because of Arnold’s inaction.

The County Administrator, Commissioners and Probation Officers all told investigators the same story over and over again: Arnold is not doing her job. Carpenter says Arnold instructed Clerk of Court employees to place the licenses and all supporting paperwork collected during sentencing in a plastic bag and drop them in a filing cabinet drawer.

Arnold, 48, was re-elected in 2011. She is serving her third term as Clerk of Court.


  • Kevin Lansberry

    I was one that she screwed over by not turning my license in for almost 3 months after I lost it. Is there anyway we can sue her? Lebanon? Get restitution for the time lost? Class action lawsuit?

    • Kevin L.

      and before anyone of you ignorant people start chiming in saying things like "guess you shouldnt have been drinking and driving", yes I did drink and drive, but I did the crime and I served my time, and then some. The extra three months she cost me was alot in gas money to other people, taxi's, loss time at work, and headache after headache. Just think of how much you use your own car for and then take that away for extra time because an elected government official can't do there job. If anyone has any info about if anything can be done, please let me know.

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