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Two women arrested for endangering children

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(Left to right) Mary Sekula and Leeann Alberts are being charged for endangering the welfare of two children

Two women from Williamstown are being charged for endangering the welfare of two children.

Officials say that  Mary Theresa Sekula, 30, and Leeann Nicole Alberts, 33, both of Dauphin County allegedly handcuffed Sekula’s 7-year-old son’s leg  to a dresser drawer that was nailed shut. Police say the dresser was adjacent to his bed. The women allegedly did this so he could not get out of bed at night.

They also allegedly padlocked Sekula’s 11-year-old daughter in the attic at night-time. Officials say that this went on for a period of one month.

Both Sekula and Alberts were arrested by state police on Tuesday and charged with two felony counts each of unlawful restraint and endangering the welfare of children.

Both women were released from prison after posting a 20,000 bond and are awaiting a preliminary hearing which is set for November 19.


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