Waiting in the cold for free food

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A crowd of a couple hundred face the frigid 30 degree temperatures at a massive camp out.

Tanni Stumpf, of Lancaster, says, “I knew that I would dress with more stuff on and if I need to take off, take off. But I’ve got 3 layers of clothes and I’m good to go.”

Stumpf bundled up for over 24 hours for a chance to win 52 free Chick-fil-A meals.

Stumpf says, “It was worth it, I’ll do it again.”

With a little help from the Chambers, he can keep warm in their tent for ten.

Valerie Chambers says, “We play board games to entertain ourselves, we have visits from friends we’ve met from previous Chick-fil-A’s and a lot of nice people that have become family.”

Chambers, of Maryland, has attended the restaurant’s free food events 22 times.  So this isn’t her first time braving unbearable weather.

Chamber says, “The first time you come, you don’t know what to expect.  We came with a cooler and umbrella in July and baked like a chicken.”

Over the years, she’s learned how to adapt.

She says, “We have tents now, an awning, a table, sleeping bags and mulitple things you think you might need that you probably won’t use.”

If they don’t use their supplies, it’s likely a new friend will.

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