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Halloween activities cancelled at Cumberland County school

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A Cumberland County school has cancelled Halloween activities. Sporting Hill Elementary School notified parents children were not allowed to wear costumes at school, and Halloween parties and parades were also cancelled.

Instead, students participated Friday in a Fall festival.

“It’s really a balance of maintaining an openness of our community schools while safeguarding the safety of our students and staff,” said Tracy Panzer, communications specialist with Cumberland Valley School District. “Our schools over the last ten years have been making a transition from a tradition Halloween celebration to a fall festival. This is the first year that students at Sporting Hill Elementary are not wearing costumes or having a costume party. Safety has been the impetus of it. Safety in costumes. Costumes are so real these days that they can be frightening to some students. Something as sublime or as innocent as a clown costume can frighten a young child. It’s really been two-fold, it’s been safety in the sense of costumes, safety in the sense of protection of the students in the building.”

Panzer says the school recognizes the importance of children being able to dress up. “The opportunity to dress up is so important for creative play, for development of imagination so we opportunities throughout the course of the school year that are tied to our school curriculum,” said Panzer. “The world we live in today is not what we lived in twenty years ago. We certainly want to keep the joy in our schools we just have to find new ways to do that.”




  • john

    this is about the most asinine thing i have heard yet. What idiot allowed this closed minded decision to occur?What ever happened to tradition ? and the reason the person gave about safety is total bull. Years and years of children have participated in and been a part of the Halloween fun without a fatality so what are they afraid the costume containing lead or something cmon people why are destroying the fun for he kids did someone spoil your Halloween or what? When are these supposed learned people going to realize that being so politically correct is destroying our country when is enough enough ? I say we take away the power from these bleeding heart worry warts and give it to someone that has a little common sense and brains.

  • The Opinionated One

    I'd be willing to bet that the children at Sporting Hill Elem. didn't see the joy in a fall festival as opposed to having the opportunity to dress up and play pretend. Educators are whacked! They are constantly trying to impose their beliefs and mores on our children. Shame on them! Shame on them! They are taking the joy out of a "fun" day for the children. Again, I say, shame on them, and shame on the parents who allow the "educators" to take away their children's joy! I agree, it is a different world today, and I hold "EDUCATORS" entirely responsible for the issues in society today!!!!

  • Bus Driver

    First of all, the notification was way too late. Second, these are elementary students, not high school. Third, they had better stop face painting and hat days and any teacher who dresses up for a specific lesson or any mascot, wig, Easter bunny, etc from happening, too. It's the same damn thing.

    If a child gets scared of clowns or any other Halloween-related thing, then do not send them to school that day. Same with Santa, religious holidays that are not observed days off by the district, etc.

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