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Lancaster Police Chief talks about camera controversy

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Lancaster City Police learned a valuable lesson a few weeks ago when a person videotaped an officer and it ended up on YouTube. And today the department admitted as much on social media to the city.

A few weeks ago a Lancaster City police officer walked away from a man who was trying to report a car accident  because he was taping him.

The video  landed on YouTube  as ” Cop refuses to be filmed”.  Legally, you can record in a public place,  including police.

“ It was directed to all of the law abiding citizens out there that think that could be a potential problem or if we were violating people’s rights,” says Chief Keith Sadler, Lancaster City Police

The Chief he was also quick to point out distinctions when it comes to using a smart phone.

“ For instance if a police officer’s making an arrest you can’t decide to put yourself between him and the person he’s trying to arrest for the sake of becoming a 15 minute YouTube star. That’s not going to work that’ll still get you arrested,” says Sadler

Because technology  aside, the chief says safety is still their first job.

“ I don’t know what the intentions of those people were looking for their YouTube moment and not doing anything for anybody, “ says Sadler

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  • Ted

    THE LANCASTER CITY CHEIF IS UPSET CAUSE IT ALL REFLECTS ON HI WHEN HIS OFFICERS MESS UP BELEIVE ME MORE OR THIS STUFF NEEDS TO BE TAPED CAUSE I CATCH THE CITY FORCE ALWAYS SLIPPING UP WHEN THEY SHOULD B WORKING OR A CRIME GOING ON THEY R ALWAYS LOUNGING AROUND I ALWAYS CATCH THEM UP IN THE PARKING LOT AT THE BARNSTORMERS IF NOT ONE ITS ALWAYS 3 and they r guys and a parking attendance lady and I tell my kids whelp there goes all of our tax paying money and the parking lady what is she doing they all can't gave lunch at the same time everyday well maybe I need to us my smartphone more often and catch our tax paying dollars lets go

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