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York City issues alert after rabid cat found

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The York City Bureau of Health issued an alert after a rabid kitten that was found roaming in York City. The stray kitten was found along the 300 block of East Philadelphia Street.

“Adults and children living and walking in the area at least two blocks east to west and two blocks north to south should be on the lookout especially for stray cats and kittens that are overly aggressive and trying to bite or scratch, as well as kittens who appear timid, weak and ill,” said Dr. David Hawk, Medical Director of the York City Bureau of Health.

Anyone who believes that they or a pet may have had contact with the rabid kitten is urged to contact an animal control officer with the York City Police Department.

Keeping pet rabies vaccinations up to date is also important for protection against rabies.

Rabies is a deadly viral disease that affects the nervous system.   If exposed, individuals must begin a series of rabies shots within 10 days of exposure to maximize prevention of the disease.