Clean-shaven for charity

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Lots of men in Harrisburg are now clean-shaven; they got rid of their beards in the name of charity.
The “Chins Up For Charity” event was held at McGrath’s Pub on Locust Street on Sunday.
Bartenders and patrons with facial hair got a shave to raise money for the National Collegiate Cancer Foundation. The grooming was provided by Lord’s and Ladies Salon.
The NCCF provides services and support to young adults who are diagnosed with cancer.
It offers financial help to young adults who are pursing higher education throughout their treatment and beyond.
“It’s the first annual event and having been to a lot of different charitable fundraisers, I can say that this so far has definitely exceeded our expectations and we are super thrilled that they chose to support NCCF through their efforts,” says Meghan Rodgers, President of the National Collegiate Cancer Foundation.
Co-organizer from McGrath’s Pub Kevin Zimmerman says, “It’s more of a collaborate effort, a lot of people were growing their beards out, they were getting pretty long, we decided why not shave them off for charity.  We came up with the idea to do National Collegiate Cancer Foundation and it kind of just went from there.”
Since 2005, the National Collegiate Cancer Foundation has provided more than 100 students with scholarships.