Halloween masks could be covered in bacteria

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Story by: KTVK, Phoenix, AZ

Halloween masks are meant to be scary, but it’s what’s living inside the masks that might make you scream.
Phoenix news station KTVK decided to take a closer look at how clean masks for sale at stores really are.
Biology Professor Dr. Stan Kikkert, of Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ then tested swabs taken from the masks’ nose and mouth areas.

“I was quite surprised at the number of bacteria and the diversity of the bacteria found on these different plates. One person after another after another wearing this probably adds to this and allows for the bacteria to actually cultivate so that might be part of the reason why we see such robust results,” Dr. Kikkert says.

He also says the main danger from the masks would be exposure to bacteria that could lead to skin conditions like staph infections. He suggests soaking masks in rubbing alcohol as a sure-fire way to kill germs.


  • Laure Nowicki

    Soooooo, why WOULDN’T you disinfect the mask before wearing it??? Is this really how dumb society has become?? That we need to be told/informed about what’s sanitary and what’s not?? Pathetic.

  • Heather

    Get rid of this stupid Halloween garbage and we will all be a lot safer. Rent a movie
    and eat an orange and an apple and back off the silly Halloween nonsense.

  • esco

    Good advice, those masks get all steamy inside. If ten people tried it on before you bought it,
    it would be kinda nasty inside. Gross!

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