Pregnant mom says neighbor was too close for comfort

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It’s a touchy subject for many moms-to-be…how much is too much belly rubbing from strangers?  FOX43 spoke with a Cumberland County mom who said her neighbor created a case that’s too close for comfort.

Michelle Troutman is 9 months pregnant with her fourth child.  As she holds onto her over-sized stomach, she says “this is a little extra burden.”

But the burden isn’t her daughter.  It’s her neighbor who she says touched her belly inside her home.

Michelle said her neighbor, “Leaned in a wanted a hug and I hugged him and was like OK, you can back off now and he starts touching my stomach.”

So she asked him to leave. “I was telling him I don’t like the situation, didn’t want to be friends with him.”

The next day, Michelle told her mother, Bonnie, who called police.

Bonnie says, “The thought of somebody strange coming up and putting her hands on her because she’s pregnant, no that’s unacceptable.”

Michelle says, “Some women don’t mind, some get touchy about the subject and I think everybody’s entitled to an opinion.”

And Michelle’s mind is made up.  “If it’s somebody you think might be harmful, then follow your instincts and don’t be afraid to let them know it’s not wanted.”

Pennsylvania State Police say Richard Beishline is charged with harassment.  If guilty, he’ll face a fine.  FOX43 reached out to Beishline who declined to comment.

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  • GimmeABreak

    She and her mother needs to calm down. If it is an unwanted touch then politely say something but to call the police is way out of line. If I called the police every time I felt my personal space was being violated or I felt offended, etc. I would have to have them on speed dial. Ridiculous.

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