Ghost The Musical debuts at Hershey Theater

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Ghost The Musical debuted Tuesday night at Hershey Theater. The musical will be playing until Sunday. We caught up with one of the actors Robby Haltiwanger. He recalled one of the most terrifying moments of his career… when he was on stage and forgot all of his lines.

Robby remembered the experience while he was acting in Macbeth. He said “It`s literally just complete fear. Like I think all the blood rushed out of my face. I was really pale. I had goose bumps everywhere. I started sweating profusely.”

Now Robby repeats his lines constantly so as never to repeat that horrifying experience again. Ghost The Musical will be playing in more than thirty countries throughout the country for the next year. After we said goodbye to Robby we got to go backstage and found out that it’s the look that makes a character memorable. FOX43’s Eames Yates got to try on one of the wigs from the show. Watch the video to see what it looked like!