Stress boosts memory and immune system

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We often hear about the things we can do to reduce stress in our daily lives — but what if that stress can actually be good for us?

That’s what a new study shows.

You’ve heard the phrase, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Well, one expert says that is especially true of stress.  A brain expert at Duke University says stress builds resilience.  He says being exposed to stress when you are young sets you up to manage stress better in later life.

Here’s the science behind it.  When you are stressed, cortisol is released in your body, boosting memory and learning.

And here’s another benefit of stress.  He says stress may help you handle vaccinations because stress may kick your immune system into high gear.  So, a little stress before a vaccination can provide a better reaction to the shot.

How about that!   Do you buy into this study?

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