Mother sues Susquehanna Township School District; Newly elected board members react

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The mother of a student allegedly molested by a former Assistant Principal is suing the Susquehanna Township School District.

And, one newly elected school board member we spoke with is appalled.

Carol Karl won a seat on the Susquehanna Township School Board on Tuesday night.

She tells FOX43 she first decided to run because she saw the district slipping academically.

But now court documents are making Karl fight for a fresh start.

52 pages of court documents detail the allegations against former Susquehanna Township Assistant Principal, Shawn Sharkey, along with other named school district officials.

“What I read, is disgusting,” says Carol Karl.

The documents allege Sharkey had sexual intercourse with a minor over a 2 month period.

Attorneys for the mother claim the school district failed to adequately investigate and supervise Sharkey.

“If those administrators allowed a predator to stay in our children’s midst for those months, that is appalling,” says Karl.

Karl says she hopes the allegations aren’t true, and she’s leaving that to the courts to decide.

Now, she wants the district to exercise due diligence when hiring new staff.

“If we can stem the exodus of teachers and administrators and staff from our schools, we’ll go a long way toward cutting down on the chances of this happening again,” says Karl.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in federal district court.

A spokesperson for the school district tells FOX43, she has yet to see the lawsuit.

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