Gov. Corbett makes his re-election bid official

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Story by: Katie Kyros
With the 2013 General Election now in the books, Governor Tom Corbett is turning his attention to Election Day 2014. He traveled from Lancaster to York to Pittsburgh on Saturday, making the official announcement that he’s running for re-election.
“I want to announce here today we are running for Governor of Pennsylvania once again. I ask for your support thank you all very much,” Governor Corbett said at the York County Republican Headquarters.
He spoke to a crowd of supporters, along with Lt. Governor Jim Cawley and Congressman Scott Perry.
Gov. Corbett says he’s delivered on the “more jobs, less taxes” agenda he laid out when he was elected in 2010. He says he’s added more than 141,000 private sector jobs.
He says, “It’s a big turnaround there are a lot of states that would love to be able to say that.”
Opposing Democratic candidate Tom Wolf disagrees. In a statement, the York County businessman says,
“Under Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania has sunk to 43rd in job growth while forcing our schools to lay off teachers and cut valuable programs and despite his best efforts to spin his record it is clear we need a new start for Pennsylvania.”
Wolf is one of eight candidates running in a crowded Democratic field who think they can take on the incumbent. Recent polls show Corbett’s approval ratings dropped this year.
“There’s a poll out every other day it seems like. (Reporter: Aren’t you worried about the polls?) No, because that’s a snapshot of then, we want a snapshot of where we are in November 2014,” Gov. Corbett says.
The Democrats will duke it out until the Democratic Primary on May 20, 2014.
Here’s a list of the Democrats currently in the running for their party’s nomination:
Former State Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger
Cumberland County pastor Max Myers
York County businessman Tom Wolf
Former State Environmental Protection Secretary Katie McGinty
Montgomery County Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz
Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz
Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski
State Treasurer Rob McCord

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  • The Opinionated One

    No thanks. I'll vote for any other candidate. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Tea Party, Coffee Party, or write-in. I'd even be willing to vote for the family dog. This man is not deserving of a second term of office. By the way, didn't AG Kathleen Kane promise to investigate the Sandusky investigation conducted by AG Corbett if she were elected as AG?

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