Dog saves owner from a fire in their home

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By Katie Kyros

A Franklin County man says his dog, Bella saved his life, when she woke him up to alert him that their home was on fire.

Joseph Rutledge’s mobile home on Warm Spring Road in Chambersburg, Franklin County broke out into flames early Saturday morning. His 15 month old German Shepard began barking and tried to climb into bed to wake him up.He didn’t know what was wrong, but Bella kept trying for 15 minutes before Rutledge realized the room was filled with smoke.

He said he is grateful she saved his life.

“She was just first whining, then whining louder, then she started barking and it just got to a  full-on, you’re either going to wake up or we’re not getting out of here.”

Joseph and Bella are now staying with family.

Their home was destroyed by the fire and they lost everything.

They have already received some donations for Bella in Honor of her bravery.