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Community rallies around Lebanon County Pastor

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gay pastor

Written By: Katie Kyros

Supporters held a vigil Sunday for the Lebanon County pastor who’s facing a church trial, after he officiated his son’s same-sex wedding.

Reverend Frank Schaefer says his son asked him to officiate the wedding in 2007 in Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage is legal.
Supporters gathered at Coleman Chapel in Lebanon to say a prayer and light candles.
The church trial will be held on November 18 in Chester County. A jury of fellow pastors could decide to defrock Schaefer and strip him of his title.
“I’m hoping that they’ll be parents, that they will be able to put themselves into my shoes,” says Schaefer. “And to ask themselves, what if my child were gay? What if my child had asked me to perform their marriage?”
The vigil was part of a nationwide event in support of the United Methodist minister.

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  • Scott Anderson

    I support the church. The church has rules, any job has rules. If you work at a bank I am pretty sure they have a rule you cant take any of the banks money home with you, if you work for UPS I know they have rules about shipping concerns if you work for a TV station you cant swear on air, If you break these rules. I am sure you can and will get fired. Well when he became a pastor in that church, he understood the job came with rules, and I am pretty sure he upheld those rules over the years as the leader of that church. So now because it involves 'his' son now those rules don't matter? He should be allowed to break those rules with out having to face the consequences for his actions? Would we allow a court judge to get away with that? Would it be ok for a court judge to let his own child off with just a verbal warning for doing the same thing he sentenced others to 5-10-15- 20 years in jail for? No of course not and if we found out a court judge ever did something like that he would be facing jail time of his own. So how is this guy any better? Why shouldn't he have to live with the consequences for breaking the rules where he works? What why because the media says it’s ok? Because of shows like modern family or the new normal say its ok? Well its not he knew it wasn't he knew it was against the rules of the church. He knew it was a violation of work place policies. He should have to face his choices he made. Why isn't this news channel getting the opinions of those church officials that want him fired? Why is this Fox News affiliate only telling one side of this story? Why are they only covering the Liberal side of this story?

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