Dauphin County woman recalls tragedy between her pomeranian and three pit bulls

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A third pit bull on the loose in Susquehanna Township has been captured.  Two others were located over the weekend after police say they attacked and killed a dog in the area.

Each day, 5-year-old Max would come out here, do his business and enjoy the fresh air.  But on Saturday, Max would never step back inside his beloved family’s home on Trinity Road.

Pam Miller says, “It was a nightmare, it’s a nightmare you keep reliving in your head because he was ripping him apart.”

Pam’s final memory of her three-pound pomeranian is one she can’t forget.  She says “It’s horrible to lay down at night and have that image going through my head.”

Pam had been watching Max at her home for her sister who has stage four cancer.  She expresses, this alone makes the incident even worse.

She says, “I had to talk to my brother and tell my brother that the dog I was taking care of, got mauled by pitfalls, really hard to make.”

Pam shared the graphic details of what she witnessed.  “One of the dogs was trying to take him in his mouth and that’s the one I was kicking.”  She put her life in danger to save Max.

Pam says she “ran out to the shed where all three were attacking him.”

Within five minutes of the attack, Pam says Max was dead.

Pam says, “My message is please, please do not have mean dogs and if your neighbors’ have dogs like that or in a group, please notify the police.”

Pam notes, it’s not the breed that caused the dogs to attack, but how the owners raised the dogs.

In Susquehanna Township, dogs are not allowed to run loose without accompanied by a person.
Pam says she was scared the dogs would go after a child next.  Police say the dogs did, in fact, bite a child the same day Max was killed.  Police are investigating the incident.

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