Man banks on the beef business after getting laid off

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Being laid off at work is never good news. But for one York County man it was just the thing he needed to fulfill his dream. His name is Eric Farrington and he makes Gnawjaw Premium Beef Jerky. Every single bag comes with its own dental floss. He says “I absolutely did follow my passion. I love Beef Jerky! I eat it everyday.”

Farrington has been making jerky since he was fifteen. His first batches were made with deer meat. Eventually he switched to beef but it was still a hobby… until last year. Farrington says “prior to this I was a photoshop tech for a local magazine and it was for thirteen years. And they had some cuts and layoffs.”

Farrington’s job was one of them. But that was just the spark he needed. With the help of family and 2 friends he raised about $50,000 and started Gnawjaw. He says “I decided to go my own route and if I failed I failed but if I made it I made it without anybody besides family and friends helping me get there.”

Now he’s turning 200 pounds of raw beef into jerky every week. He’s got 4 different flavors. One of which, called Nuclear Lick, has ghost pepper in it. You can purchase the jerky on his website

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