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Arrest warrant issued Laquan Pierrelouis in York City double homicide

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An arrest warrant has been issued for a man wanted in connection with a double homicide that happened over the weekend in York City.

Police say Laquan Anderson Pierrelouis, 22, of York, is wanted in the deaths of 23-year-old Braydon Aldinger and 26-year-old Derek Ferree.

Investigators say Pierrelouis and an unknown Hispanic man met the victims in the 500 block of West Mason Avenue for a drug deal around 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Aldinger and Ferree were killed when a fight erupted during the drug deal.

Pierrelouis’ last known address is 936 West King Street in York City.

Anyone with information a is asked to contact police at 717-846-1234.


    • Friend of the Family

      Not true. The two boys were going to the bar. If this witness heard the conversation, then obviously the witness was there. Why didn't they get killed right along with the two boys?

    • Friend of the Family

      Hopefully you mean the murderer's. Derek and Braydon were going to the bar and had invited friends. I don't know anyone making a drug deal wanting an audience

    • Friend of the family

      You're right Fred, he was someone's son. He was an only child and his mother is destroyed by this. I will tell you this, it wasn't over a drug buy and if people would get smart they'd be asking this question, How did the so called witness hear the supposed conversation unless standing with Derek and Braydon? How did the witness get away without being killed also since he supposedly heard the whole conversation? People need to get a clue before shooting off their mouths! The were going to the bar and furthermore, they had invited other friends to go so, if it were a drug buy, why would you want an audience?

    • Friend of the Family

      Just to give everyone an update. ? The police are now saying Derek and Braydon were jumped by this piece of garbage. I hope Braydon's and Derek's mothers sues all of the fools who defamed their sons credibility! I know I'm going to recommend it!

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