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Dog being adopted by rescuer after being left tied up in a creek for days

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The man who found a pit bull tied up in Swatara Creek is now adopting her. Her name is Lady. She still has marks on her front paws. Police say her former owner tied her front legs up and threw her into the creek. But she’s doing a lot better and it’s all thanks to one man.

Jason O’Donnell rescued her. He says “I took off my jacket and wrapped her up in my jacket. She didn’t try biting then so I eased my hand up around by her face. And she started licking my hand.”

Despite all that happened to Lady she still shows a lot of affection. O’Donnell found Lady on November 11th under the Vine Bridge in Swatara Creek. Cops say the dog lay in the river for 2 days. Lady has a microchip, and that helped police find the dog’s owner Lamont Harris. They’ve charged Harris with animal cruelty but have yet to arrest him.

O’Donnell has little sympathy for anyone that could do this to a dog. He says “I think it should be done to them. If they want to do it to an animal, I mean that animal can’t help itself. You get an animal you’re expected to feed, water and take care of it. It’s just like a human being.”

Lady dislocated her hip in the fall and will undergo surgery. O’Donnell plans to adopt her after that. But for now she’s already part of the family. Jason says “my boy Ethan, he already calls it his dog. He takes her bed back to his bedroom and gets her to go sleep at the bottom of his bed every night.”


  • samsin

    thank you for proving that for every piece of garbage like lamont harris ,there is someone who is truly a hero if you let us know the vet who will be taking care of lady I would like to donate to her care .how sad to think that after everything lady has been thru living with a pos like harris she STILL licks the hand of someone still looking and yearning for love . may you and your family enjoy many years with this little girl because you really are her guardian angels

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