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Kmart’s “Jingle Bells” ad sparks protest

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By, Rene Lynch (Los Angeles Times)

Kmart is courting a Christmas controversy with a naughty new holiday commercial showing men dressed in colorful boxers shaking their shorts — and everything therein — to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”

The “Show Your Joe” ad, selling Joe Boxer shorts, has gone viral, racking up more than 13 million hits on YouTube. But the advocacy group One Million Moms has launched a social media campaign to pull the ad from TV, denouncing it as “disgusting,” “inappropriate” and “filth” that should not be seen by families gathering to watch TV.

Moreover, the group accuses Kmart of making “a deliberate decision to produce controversial advertisements instead of wholesome ones. This is a terrible plan on Kmart’s part, especially at this time of year!”

The group is urging supporters to use social media to shame Kmart into removing the ad.

It asks supporters to post “Kmart’s distasteful new commercial has to go! This ad should be pulled off the air immediately” on their Facebook pages and use their Twitter accounts to post: “@kmart Shame on Kmart for airing inappropriate commercials. #kmart”

Kmart doesn’t appear to be budging, going by the statement the retailer released:

“The Kmart ‘Show Your Joe’ commercial playfully showcases Joe Boxer’s men’s clothing available at Kmart. We regret if some people found the commercial offensive, as that was not our intent.”

Emphasis on “some” people.

It appears that many more people are enjoying the saucy commercial that shows a chorus line of handsome men with well muscled legs gyrating and thrusting to the holiday tune

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  • john doe

    Its just a funny commercial, there are plenty of other commercials that could be deemed offensive or sexist. I guess kmart will be the hot button scapegoat until something else gets the attention of the complainers and whiners.

  • shirley

    I do not think it is offensive at all. It is not near as bad as commercials for condoms and Viagra that children see and hear. Also women are shown with bras and underpants which shows at lot more. I think the KMart commercial is fine. It gets the consumers attention.!!

  • Scot

    The more we say or think is "OK" the easier the Next Perversion will be. I for one will NEVER shop at K-Mart again and will tell All I know and meet, not to shop there either!!! Enough IS enough!!!!

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