Skeletal remains found in York County identified as 30 to 50 yr old man

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York County detectives have released new information about the skeletal remains found in West Manchester Township, York County.

A preliminary report released by the Mercyhurst Anthropology Division says the remainds found by a tree-trimming company in the woods at the intersection of Loucks and Haviland Roads belonged to a white man who was 30 to 50 years old when he died.

He’s believed to have been 5’5″ to 6 feet tall.

And according to West Manchester Township Police Detective, Jeff Snell, the bones could’ve been there anywhere from two to ten years, he says there’s no way to really tell.

“These are broad ranges and the possibility exists where it could even go out farther than 10 years,” says Jeff Snell.

Snell says since they don’t know the cause of death, they can’t determine the manner of death.

‘There was some evidence recovered at the scene which makes us believe it`s suspicious at this specific point but we`re going to rely on forensic science and Mercyhurst Anthropology Division to continue to analyze the bones,” says Snell.

York County Coroner, Barry Bloss, says Anthropologists found a dental appliance on the upper roof of the mouth.

“There is no system out there that says throw it in the computer and it`s going to match someone,” Bloss.

That’s why detectives are relying on the public for answers.

“If you get some leads then you can go back very easily and get some dental records and stuff to see if that matches this person,” says Bloss.

Bloss says detectives have searched the people reported missing in York County in the past 5 years and haven’t had any matches to the person found in these woods.

If you have information about a missing person who matches the description, you’re asked to contact the West Manchester Township Police Department at (717) 792-9514 or the York County Coroner at (717) 840-7617.