Victims’ families frustrated six years after double homicide

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Friends and families of Sherry Jo Leonard and Jason Specht rallied at the Mifflin County Courthouse Monday to urge the county’s district attorney to file charges in connection with a six-year-old homicide case.

Leonard and Specht died in Specht’s home on Nov. 25, 2007. At the time, the coroner said both suffered skull fractures before Specht’s home was set in fire in Granville Township.

“It’s tough dealing with this for the past six years, especially days like today, which make the emotions a little bit stronger than most days,” said Specht’s brother, Eric.

The families believe they know who killed their loved ones. District Attorney David Molek confirmed he’s narrowed in on one suspect, who he declined to name.

“It’s horrible. He’s living his life the way we should be. He’s just walking around like he did nothing wrong. He’s happy,” said Stephanie Stains, Leonard’s sister. “He’s moved on. He specifically said he has moved on. We need to let it go.”

Another of Leonard’s sisters, Michele Huntsman, said she believes the district attorney has shown a “callous disregard” to her family.

Molek has been district attorney for about two years. He said he wants to convene a grand jury either at the state or local level. He said he’s not disregarding the victims’ families, but that he doesn’t have any direct evidence linking the suspect to the crimes.

“I don’t know what to tell them. They’re emotionally involved. I am not going to be the one to file those charges until I believe that I can convict this defendant beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Molek. “The number is about 40 pieces of good circumstantial evidence, which all point to a particular individual. But, there’s no direct physical evidence linking that person.”

During Monday’s rally, family members handed out candy bars and suckers saying “Justice would be sweet.”

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  • WalkerBate

    It's sickening that this murderer is still out there. This was a brutal calculated murder of two great people. They had 1 combined enemy in their life. Who did it? Everyone knows. His time will come in this life or after. I just pray its in this life. People around this man should not feel safe. What if his mail man loses a package or McDonalds messes up his order? He's obviously unstable. Who does he have to kill in order to get his? Our DA is putting people in danger that come in to contact with this man by not getting him off the streets. What is sitting on Molek's desk that is more important than getting a brutal murderer off our streets? This murderer does not deserve to live his life freely. He deserves to have his skull crushed just enough to barely keep him alive, so he can be set on fire to finish it off. Why should he deserve anything less? I hope that is his eternity.

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