Large sinkhole disrupts Cumberland Co. neighborhood

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A large sinkhole opened up Tuesday morning on Deerfield Road in Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County, disrupting utility services and damaging a woman’s property.

Emmalynn Conner woke up to phone calls from her neighbors and the police knocking on her door.

“So, I came down in my pajamas and bare feet and walked out to see what was going on, and they had flashlights. And, I thought it looked like a quarter of my driveway (was gone),” said Conner, who said she’s lived on Deerfield Road for 50 years.

A spokesman for Pennsylvania-American Water Company said the issue is with an eight-inch cast iron pipe. He also pointed to the recent cold weather, saying the water temperature in the pipe had dropped 14 degrees in the last eight days.

Initial repairs to the water line were delayed until UGI could repair a gas line.

As crews began working to repair the water line, they removed more and more of the road and parts of Conner’s yard.

Ten customers were without water, though crews aimed to have that service restored Tuesday evening. Crews are expected to have the road patched up by Wednesday evening. However, they will have to return in the spring to provide a permanent fix.

No injuries were reported. Conner said she’s noticed some issues with her home already. The water company’s spokesman said its insurance provider will meet with Conner.

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