Retailers that will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving 2013

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A lot of businesses have advertised being open on Thanksgiving Day, breaking American tradition to remain closed to spend time with family and remember what we are thankful for. BUT, there are some businesses that will stay closed Thanksgiving day, allowing employees and shoppers to spend time with their families and still catch the notable once a year Black Friday deals.

These businesses will remain closed this Thanksgiving holiday 2013: Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom’s, retailers TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, Lowes, Apple, Radio Shack, REI, Dillards, and Burlington Coat Factory.

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  • Molly

    Good for those stores!!!!! No stores should open on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. Those holidays are for spending times with your loved ones. Shame on all of these stores who are opening on Thanksgiving for the big sales. I think that they should wait until Black Friday Morning. You are not being fair to your employees.

  • The Opinionated One

    Great to know that some retailers respect the fact that their employees deserve to spent the holiday with their families. Shame on the others who do not do the same.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    It is a shame that the list now has to be those who are closed instead of a list of those who are open.
    On the other hand, I would hope that the employees who work on Thanksgiving Day get double-time plus a half. If you're a greedy retailer, you better share the benefits. Instead, most retailers threaten your job for not willing to work or calling off on a holiday.

  • n4speed77

    I stand up and applaud for everyone of these companies that at least give there associates one day off to be with there families or whatever they want to do…..

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