Deer hunters hit the woods with the start of rifle season

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Bucks and doe’s beware for the next 2 weeks. Families like Kenneth Doll’s are putting them in the cross hairs. Doll says “I hunted all my life and if it wasn’t for him wanting to hunt I probably wouldn’t be interested in it anymore.” He’s referring to his grandson Dustin.

Dustin represents the new blood. At 9 years old he’s already got one kill under his belt from last year. A ten point buck no less. Which he’s not shy about. Kenneth says “well he rubbed it in to me because I only got a nine point last year so he let me know his was definitely bigger.”

The rifle season officially started at 7AM Monday morning. But getting up at the crack of dawn can be a challenge. Dustin says “sometimes it’s fun sometimes it’s not fun.” But bagging a buck isn’t the only upside. For Kenneth, it’s the chance to be with the people he loves most in life.

Kenneth says “my daughter is 28 and she’s hunting with my granddaughter that’s 8 this year so it feels really good. It’s family time. We got to get a break from work sometime.”

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