Kindest boy in York under national recognition

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Did you take time to be kind today?  Between busy schedules and work, often times we may forget to take a moment to be kind.  But chances are we could learn a lesson from a 7-year-old York boy.  Mateo Maldonado is now a finalist in a national competition that recognizes kindness.

His 2nd grade teacher at Devers Elementary School, in York City School District, Kim McMahon says, “Mateo is an example to everyone in our classroom.”

McMahon says he teaches others to be kind. She says, “He has a very good family and good values and he’s a role model in our classroom and this is the nicest class I have had in how long.”

Mateo’s caring nature is now under national recognition.  He’s one of four finalists in Sprout Network’s “Kindest Kid Contest.”  He’s recognized for operating his “Litter Critters” group.  It’s a simple act of kindness where Mateo and his friends collect trash in big bags throughout York.

Mateo says he does it “So the earth stays clean.”

His mom, Miranda says, “He puts other’s feelings in front of his.” Miranda says if Mateo wins, a charity will receive a generous donation in his name.

Miranda says, “It would mean a lot because I know how genuine Mateo is.  He’s a caring person for so many reasons.”

Win or lose, Mateo says he’s hoping to teach others a lesson.

He says, “When the people litter, it makes the world dirtier.  Maybe if they see us start cleaning up and they’ll want to help.”

He’ll find out if he wins on December 21st.  To vote for Mateo, click here.

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