U.S., Pennsylvania flags lowered in memory of Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela

Governor Tom Corbett today joined a nationwide tribute to Nelson Mandela by immediately ordering that United States and Pennsylvania flags be lowered to half-staff at all state facilities across the commonwealth.

The president ordered all United States flags to be lowered at all government buildings out of respect for Nelson Mandela.

Both U.S. and Pennsylvania flags shall remain at half-staff until sunset on Monday, Dec. 9.

All Pennsylvanians are invited to join in this tribute.

(Source:  Pa. Office of the Governor)


  • samsin73

    seriously!!!!! this was a great man who did wonderful things for africa,not the united states.did the governor lower the flag for any of the soldiers he lowered it for paterno but not the soldiers who died for us.please do not run for govenor again you have really disgraced the office . i voted for you the first time but your actions while in office are an embarrassment . the flag was to be lowered for american heads of state and the military .not whomever you take it upon yourself to do .

  • samsin73

    i apologize for not being politically correct and a tad crude. please tell me how i should state such obvious facts in a kinder more sensitive way so i no longer offend anyone.the politicians have taken something that is supposed to show respect and honor and are bestowing it upon, actors,singers,football coaches and people from other countries.yet when a soldier loses their life defending our freedom he merely gets a mention on the evening local news if at all.we

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