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Drivers brave freezing rain to get to work on time

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Many drivers braved the elements Monday morning to get to work on time.  The weather made for a messy commute.  Drivers made their way through Central Pennsylvania, despite the freezing rain.

Driver, Mike Whitman says, “A lot of people aren’t driving fast, seems like they’re using their hears this morning.”

Whitman drove from McSherrystown, in Adams County, to York County. He says, “Weather’s iffy but if you drive carefully, on secondary roads it was icy.  If you drive carefully, you’re okay.”

PennDOT agrees.  Officials say around 340 trucks were out in the early hours, cleaning major commuter routes.

PennDOT Spokesperson, Fritzi Schreffler, says, “Slow down is going to be big.  People were driving too fast for conditions, even if the speed limit says 55 or 65, the conditions don’t warrant you going that, so slow down, buckle up.  That’s going to be your best defense and allow extra time.  Don’t be in a rush to go anywhere.”

Drivers say they want others traveling alongside them to take their time.

Whitman says, “Be careful and drive slow.  You’ve got to stop ahead of time, black ice.”

Henry Grodski, of Mechanicsburg, says, “”Just slow down a little bit, no hurries, you’ll get there.”

People like Grodski are also taking time to savor a somewhat necessary weather event.

Grodski says, “I think it’s seasonable!”

If you experience black ice, you’re urged to slowly lift your foot off the accelerator and do not put your foot on the break.