Shoplifter pulls a knife on store owner who’s also a cage fighter

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A would-be shoplifter in Red Lion got more than he bargained for at a record store on Saturday.  He tried to steal from Tom’s Music Store and pulled a knife.  The store is owned by Thomas Anderton. Anderton said “I hit him in the face, got the knife off him and basically just restrained him till the cops got here.” The guy that Thomas Anderton was restraining is Shawn Frazier. Frazier had been in Anderton’s store for a couple hours when he tried to pay for a cd… but Anderton knew that wasn’t all he had.
Anderton said “I went to get the rest of the stuff in his pocket and when I did that, that’s when he pulled the knife out. And it was a big knife and that’s when it was on right there.” Anderton’s cage fighting skills kicked in. With the help of a few other customers he landed a hit to Frazier’s face and took his knife away. Anderton went on to say “I was just holding him more than anything until the end and then I just choked him, he just went out for a couple of seconds, went unconscious for a couple of seconds and then after that he was pretty relaxed.”

When cops arrived they arrested Frazier and charged him with felony robbery. Anderton has 3 daughters. he says he’s glad no one was hurt. Anderton said “I mean that could have gone down with my kids around, right there and I think that’s the worst part about it thinking about what could have happened.” Anderton says as soon as Frazier pulled the knife his instinct kicked in like that. It was almost like he was a machine doing what his training told him to do.

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