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Ambulances used as sleighs to help spread Toys For Tots Christmas cheer

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Thousands of toys are being collected in Dauphin County for kids throughout central Pennsylvania. And they’re being collected in ambulances provided by Hershey Medical Center. More than 2000 toys were collected Friday in 3 different ambulances. It’s part of the Toys For Tots program. For the EMS workers taking part it’s a great change of pace. Lynn Doherty is with Life Lion Critical Care. She said “people see an ambulance and they think somebody’s hurt or somebody’s injured. It’s nice today that we can throw the lights and sirens on and show up in Christmas outfits and we’re here for fun.”

This is the first year that Doherty is delivering toys. More than 17,000 are expected to be collected in Dauphin County this season. Doherty says “our fear is that there will be a child on Christmas morning that doesn’t have a toy to open. Christmas is so magical, it’s such a great time for kids to dream and have fun. And if we can help them get a toy to open that morning that just means the world to us.”

Doherty is one of 7 drivers picking up the toys from local businesses. Her ambulance arrived at the Toys For Tots headquarters early. She said “the ambulance is actually too full so we had to empty all the toys which is a really good problem to have!” Roughly 3,000 applications have been filled out for toys. Meaning Toys For Tots is on track to surpass the amount needed this season.

Although they are surpassing the amount of toys needed there is still a need for teenage toys. Namely toys for kids ages 13 to 16. They are collecting toys until December 20th. If you would like to help contact Tracey Bemis. Her number is (717) 566 1403