New infant seat drawing criticism

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Story by: CBC News

Photo: Courtesy Fisher-Price

A new Fisher-Price baby seat has many parents up in arms. It includes a touch of technology; a holder for a tablet computer.
The Fisher-Price iPad Apptivity Seat has a holder for the tablet at the top.
Parents simply put their tablet inside the holder, lock it, and their baby can view free downloadable apps. .
Some early childhood educators say the seat exposes children to computers too soon.
Cathy Burns, with the Vanier College Early Childhood Education Program in Montreal, Canada says, “There’s a time for this, and this is not the time for screens and technology and iPads at this young age. They need a responsive adult. They need to interact with real things, real objects and real people.”
Experts also say early exposure to screens like this have a negative impact on a child’s development, both physically and mentally.
They also say, ideally, children under 2-years of age should not be exposed to screens at all.
In a statement, Fisher-Price says it realizes the iPad Apptivity Seat is not for everyone. The company also says it offers a variety of seats, and leaves it up to the judgment of the parents.

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