Man experiences snow for the first time, photo goes viral

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Do you remember your first snowfall? It was probably in your childhood, and if you’ve lived in the area long enough, you may now take it for granted. This story will most likely make you appreciate the beauty of snow again, if you don’t already!

A man living in Hanover Pennsylvania experienced snow for the first time this month. A photographer captured the moment and it has since gone viral.

Back in August 2012, Abiola Ogungbenle moved from Nigeria to be with his (now) wife who lives in Hanover, Pennsylvania. They got married in September 2012.

Being from Africa, Abiola had never experienced snow before. “I’ve never seen snow before. I say I have seen snow before, that was on TV,” Abiola said with laughter.

Since Abiola arrived in Pennsylvania he eagerly awaited the first snow storm. In December he got his wish.

“It was white, and very beautiful. [I thought] even Jesus Christ can live in the United States,” said Abiola. He asked his neighbor to take a picture so he could show his family back home. “Joe was outside taking pictures, I was like can you just take my picture?”

Abiola’s neighbor, Joseph Fryer, owns the photography business The Digital Lightbox. Fryer said he snapped a few pictures never thinking anything of it. “I had been talking to Abiola all the way up until the snow came. I would say ‘oh you know it’s getting cold, maybe it will snow.’ Then when it did snow I saw him standing at the door, and as I was standing outside he said can you take some pictures so I can send back to my family,” said Fryer. “I was looking at then and I was like ‘oh this really turned out really well’ and I posted it up online and it just kind of exploded from there!”

After sharing the photo on his Facebook page, a friend of Fryer’s shared it on a popular photo-sharing site, Reddit. From there it went viral. It has been shared on multiple sites and by thousands of people.

“He was like all excited, it’s like a kid you know. It’s like seeing one of my children get excited for the snow. And when I first saw  his face I could tell, just sheer joy, so happy, and I think that’s what I captured,” said Fryer. “To meet somebody from a whole other country who has never seen snow at all except for on the TV and then seeing him experience it, really warmed my heart. Seeing people enjoy the photo as much as I enjoyed taking it, as much as Abiola enjoyed seeing the snow, and experiencing it for the first time, It’s just really nice,” said Fryer.

“I couldn’t believe it! I saw over 9,000 people they liked my picture, and the picture is everywhere, even in Nigeria. My picture is there, in London my picture is there! So that was kind of good,” said Abiola with laughter, “I’m happy about that!”

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