Water bill woes in Harrisburg

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           People in Harrisburg are getting some unwanted surprises in the mail. There are broken water meters in Harrisburg, and now some residents are having to pay high bills for estimated readings. The city had been charging them for estimated readings for months. Only later did the residents receive the higher bills for those readings.

Chris Wise is a Harrisburg landlord who says an average water bill for her tenants is between $60 and $80  a month. So when bills started coming in at $500, $600 and up to $1,000 he thought there had to be a massive water leak at their homes. Instead,  the answer from the city was that the batteries in the electronic water meters were dead resulting in having to use estimated usage for the bills.

“ It`s not right for anyone and it`s certainly not right for anyone who has a lower paying job it`s not easy for them to come up with the extra money, “ says Chris Wise, Owner, Wise Property Management

The Harrisburg Authority  operates the city’s water system. They say they have setup payment plans for these estimated usage bills, and that they are planning on eventually replacing the broken batteries. However, it will take them some time to replace the thousands of batteries.


  • Ed L

    Can you please tell me when your normal bill is around $80, the water authority estimates your use at $500. They owe all these people refunds. There is absolutely no excuse for not replacing the batteries already! Come on people! Ban together to fight this! Pay your usual amount.

  • n4speed77

    They knew the batteries were going out, this is just a way that they can now make interest off the money that they owe. So they can now hit you twice in the pocket book, cause sure, they set up a payment plan, but that payment plan will come with probably like a 10% interest rate….

    • n4speed77

      Fox43, find out if they are going to charge interest on the owed money. Cause if they screwed up by not replacing the batteries, they should eat the cost and not be able to collect interest of the people…. I am curious to know…

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