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Airmen returns home from war just in time for Christmas

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Work can get in the way of the Holidays for many families, especially if you’re in the military. For the Scharf’s, who live in Elizabethtown, that has been the case in the past. Lieutenant Colonel David Scharf has been away from home a lot. But not this Christmas.

On Sunday he surprised his 3 kids Kalista, Charles and Christopher. His wife Kristen described the moment he arrived at their house. She said “they were at that time waiting for Facetime with dad and I screamed oh my goodness there’s fire trucks, there’s fire trucks you got to come out! Two of them flew out and the other one says no I’m waiting for dad.”

But dad wasn’t online, he was on the fire truck. His son Christopher said “my Christmas wish was to have my dad and everyone back together for Christmas.” The kids expected their dad to come home on Christmas day. But Kristen knew about the early arrival. “it was hard but it was also fun keeping the secret from them” said Kristen.

This is the first time Lieutenant Colonel Scharf has been home in a while. For the last 7 months he has been stationed in Afghanistan. “This will be the first time in a long time we’ve all been together like this. So having that full house, that traditional Christmas meal together is going to be great” said the Lieutenant Colonel.