Cracker Barrel continues to sell “Duck Dynasty” merchandise after outrage

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You’ve probably hear the backlash surrounding “Duck Dynasty” stay Phil Robertson.  He made comments on homosexuality and U.S. relations in the Pre-Civil right era.  In the midst of controversy, Cracker Barrel removed selected products with his name and face on them.  Then on Sunday, they reversed its decision and put the merchandise back on the shelves.  Cracker Barrel was originally concerned they would offend people by keeping Duck Commander products in the store.  Products include a talking key chain and camouflage jelly beans with the Duck Commander logo.  The restaurant and store evaluated the situation, and said many people reacted on social media in support on the duck commander.  A&E indefinitely suspended Robertson from the show.


  • Delta Communications

    Create a Strawman argument, whether it be the NRA, A&E or Chic-Fil-A. The sheep will always respond, with increased sales and viewership. LOL

  • Tony

    Whether you agree with his position or not, Mr. Robertson has a right to voice his opinion. A&E has a right to ban him from their network. Cracker Barrel has a right to remove Duck Commander products from their store. And, I have the right not to watch A&E or eat at Cracker Barrel.

    There are consequences. Cracker Barrel figured it out. A&E didn’t.

    If A&E had just released a statement that they found Mr. Robertson’s comments tk be vile, but they supported his right to voice his opinion, this would never have become such an issue.

  • The Opinionated One

    Ducky Dynasty is a reality TV show. That means it's R-E-A-L!! I suppose that A & E couldn't deal with the REALNESS of Phil Robertson. GO PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!

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