2 month old baby girl dead after gun accidentally fired by family member

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A 2-month-old baby girl is dead after police say she was accidentally killed when a gun was fired by a member of her family.

Lancaster County District Attorney, Craig Stedman was at a loss for words when he spoke with us earlier this evening.

Stedman says it’s absolutely devastating, but even worse is the timing.

One day before Christmas.

It happened here at 2165 Old Philadelphia Pike just before 2:30 Tuesday afternoon.

“Obviously it’s an incredibly disturbing set of circumstances,” says Lancaster County District Attorney, Craig Stedman.

Stedman says the one gunshot fired from a handgun was enough to kill a 2-month-old baby girl.

“This is not random. It’s a family member who had possession of the gun. I’m not going to identify any names at this particular time because people are still being notified,” says Stedman.

Stedman says the entire family including the person who had possession of the gun is cooperating.

But, as of Tuesday night, nobody was charged.

Stedman had just one message to the public:

“If you own a firearm pay attention to being responsible and being an owner,” says Stedman.

Police say an autopsy will be performed on Thursday.


    • AsISeeIt

      You are speaking with a mean spirit! I am sure that the person who held the firearm will suffer inside to a degree we could not even imagine! Rather than being so judgemental and hurtful, maybe you could try praying for this family to see them through such a heartbreaking tragedy. Your name claims to be for change – be the change you want to see!

      • americanforchange

        I understand that the person who shot this poor baby will suffer internally for the rest of their lives, But while they suffer they should realize their wrong doing and spread then words to others about gun safety and responsibility so that others will not do what did. Americans yell about gun right s but situations like this make bit harder for their case to be heard.
        I know proponents of gun rights will argue that mishaps are far and few between but tell that to the grieving mother of this poor baby.

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