Shoppers rush to PA stores for sales and returns

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Retailers in Central Pennsylvania were busy all day Thursday with loads of returns and preparing for big sales.

There were just as many people going into the mall with bags as there were coming out.

Most stores are advertising their biggest sales of the season, the day after Christmas.

They say they’re hoping to catch shoppers who are here on a mission–to return those unwanted gifts.

“I really didn’t want to be here but I was already in the area, I got out of work early so I thought I’d return them today,” says Sonya Myers.

Even those who live 40 minutes away decided to make the trek in the wintery weather.

“It was a last minute get in the car come quickly and I bribed our son to go to Gamestop..I bought my husband sunglasses and they were too small so I got him a new pair and my daughter a shirt,” says Michelle Holtry.

But, Michelle Holtry and her crew didn’t want to play the waiting game today.

“We did not wait at American Eagle, we’re actually taking the shirt home because I refuse to wait in the line,” says Holtry.

So they left with a few things they were hoping to return.

But some people come specifically fore the sale and to spend that extra Christmas cash.

“We had one return to make and the girls had some extra cash in their pockets from Christmas presents and they decided to spend it. We take advantage of stores a little too often maybe‚Ķbut we love a good sale,” says Amy McMurdy.

While today was a hectic day for returns, there are some stores out there who have strict return requirements.

So their advice to you?

Check the policy before you decide to wear or use it.

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