A Michigan University releases list of words that should be banished

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Is there one word this year that you thought was so overused that you think it should be forever banished from the English language?

If so, you’re not alone..

According to a Michigan’s Lake Superior State University’s survey, most people are sick of the word, “selfie”.

The annual poll asks people to nominate words to banish due to overuse, and overall fatigue.

More than 2,000 nominations this year went to “selfie” — the word used to describe a self taken photo, often from a smartphone.

Since 1975 the list has grown to more than 800 words, many from the worlds of politics, sports, and pop culture.

Others on the list include: twerking, hashtag, twittersphere, Mr. mom, “snow-pocalypse or “ice-ageddon”, and of course, Obamacare.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    I'm tired of hearing and seeing the words: dead, shooting, robbed, Mylie Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Linda Thompson and Corbett.

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