Friends welcome the new year by water skiing barefoot

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Brian Lacock of Lancaster County decided to welcome 2014 by water skiing barefoot on the Susquehanna River with his two friends Ben and Bryan Waltimyer. They got on the water around 11AM. The air temperature was a little over 30 degrees. The water temperature was a little closer to 40 degrees, but that’s still pretty chilly. “It’s really cold and you want to stop, but then you just force your way through it and then your feet just go numb but it’s an awesome way to bring in the new year, it’s a good rush” said Lacock.

Lacock loves extreme sports. He’s jumped out of planes and water skied his whole life. But he admits water skiing barefoot gives him the biggest thrill. “I just got into barefoot water skiing and decided to try and do it in the winter time and it was a blast” said Lacock.

He skied two sets on the river before calling it a day. In between those sets he would use a hose connected to the boat’s engine to spray warm water on his feet. Lacock has no plans of stopping anytime soon. “I anticipate on doing this till I die. If I died on the river that would be where I want to be at” said Lacock.

His friends, Ben and Bryan, are brothers. They like to compete with each other when it comes to doing tricks. “We fight as brothers do, we bicker and never can agree sometimes but it’s just fun” said Ben. They’ve been water skiing barefoot together for the last 8 years.

Their mother Barbara usually watches from the river bank. She said “you sort of take the broken bones and the stitches and any injuries that come your way and just accept it and go okay we’ll fix it. We’ll deal with it and move on.”

No one was injured this new year’s day and there were no trips to the emergency room. The only trip was a great ride on the Susquehanna River.