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New transportation law to crank up gas prices

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Proposal: Abolish Turnpike Commission

With the start of 2014 comes a number of new laws that take effect today across the state. Among them, a new transportation law which will crank up gas prices.

Gas prices are expected to increase about 9 cents per unleaded gallon and 13 cents per diesel gallon.

The law raises the wholesale fuel taxes for companies that supply gas and diesel. According to PennLive, gas providers have said they’ll pass that tax onto consumers.

Even higher taxes and fees will come into play over the next five years. The law is expected to take in $2 billion per year for bridge and road repairs and other transportation projects.

“I put my signature on what I call the passport to the future when it comes to transportation,” said Gov. Corbett. “But even more so for public safety and for economic development.

Also driving up costs on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, on Monday, toll rates are going up. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission approved a 10 percent increase in toll rates for cash-paying customers, and 2 percent increase for EZPass customers.

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  • lazrus444

    For the past 50 years we have had multiple increases in registration, license, fuel, insurance and who know how many more taxes to improve our roads and bridges and now more taxes. When is this revenue going to be used for the fix? The PA Turn Pike has been collecting revenue since day one and it's probably one of the worst roads in PA. Stop spending our money on your pet projects.

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