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Cleaning up while dealing with frigid air

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Following Thursday night’s storm, many people headed out Friday to clean up sidewalks and driveways while frigid air blew through central Pennsylvania.

“The wind swirls around here constantly. If you got here a couple minutes ago, I’d have been out front cursing because it kept blowing back all over me,” said Denny Fillmore, who was using a snow blower to clear out the walkways at the Harrisburg office of the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs. 

Fillmore said he spent about six hours Friday on cleanup efforts at the office and other locations.

“Unfortunately, I am the only officer in this organization that lives near Harrisburg. Everybody else had the wisdom to live at least two hours away,” said Fillmore.

Road crews managed to get the main thoroughfares in the city largely clear of snow and ice by Friday afternoon. However, side streets remained coated. This weekend’s temperatures won’t bring relief until Sunday, when the area is expected to reach the mid 30s. Next week, there is the possibility of sub-zero temperatures overnight.

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