Man fixes furnaces making a difference for families in York

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There are few things worse than your heater not working on a cold day, but that’s what happened to one family in York. The Capturowski’s woke up cold Friday morning. “I want to make sure that that furnace is going to work like it’s supposed to” said Ted Capturowski.

However their furnace didn’t work. That’s where heating and cooling expert Matt Weinstein comes into play. He’s worked for Strine’s Heating for two decades. “People are really happy when it gets back on! You can definitely see the relief come over their face when they feel the heat fire up” said Weinstein.

Before relief comes the frustration of being cold, which is why on a frigid day seeing Weinstein makes all the difference in the world. Weinstein got Capturowski’s furnace working in no time. Capturowski was so happy that he hugged Weinstein before he left.

“I’m not going to be sitting there worrying do I have to get out extra blankets, that kind of stuff. that won’t even be going through my head. I’ll sleep well I’m not going to have any worries about the furnace going out” said Capturowski.


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