Passengers anticipate a warmer destination at Harrisburg International Airport

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At least 1500 flights have been cancelled and nearly 500 delays all around the country.  Passengers at Harrisburg International Airport are looking forward to a warm welcome at their final destination.

For Brian Bonifaze and his family, everything’s warmer in Texas.  His daughters Samantha and Rachel are eager to get home for a different reason.  They say, “In Texas, we have our Christmas presents we haven’t been playing with because we came here after Christmas, so we want to try out some new toys.”

But the seasonal weather did keep the girls occupied during their stay.  Samantha says, “We built a snowman and then it melted and then there was a big ball and we jumped on it and then crumbles of snow left.”

Traveling somewhere warm could mean the luggage is a little lighter.  Shannon Miller says, “I didn’t bring a winter coat at all, this is the heaviest I brought.”

In shorts and a t-shirt, Shannon’s husband is also ready for their return home to Zimbabwe.  Shannon says, “We’re looking forward to getting home and getting in the swimming pool.  It’s about 85 degrees right now and it’s our summer in the Southern hemisphere, so it will be a nice change.”

Five early morning departures were cancelled out of MDT because planes coming from New York, Chicago and Philadelphia never arrived last night.

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