People hit the slopes in York County

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Besides causing havoc on the roads, yesterday’s winter weather gave ski resorts in our area some much needed snow.

Parents are out of work and the kids are off school.

But that doesn’t mean they’re letting them off easy on the slopes.

“We actually started them off on double black diamonds so the bunny hill would be easy for them and we just rolled them down the hill at first,” says Travis Dutton, of Baltimore.

Travis Dutton says yesterday’s storm was a great reason to come to Ski Round Top.

“It’s a great time, we get all the boys ready, make sure they’re halfway dressed when we get here and do the rest right here,” says Dutton.

And his family aren’t the only ones enjoying it.

“This is beautiful, we had such a nice snowfall last night and the snow was so dry and fluffy I just couldn’t miss it,” says Bob Fry, of Mechanicsburg.

Roundtop Mountain Resort’s Chris Dudding says traffic on the slopes from this time last year is up 40%.

“We opened the day after Thanksgiving which was a full month earlier than last year and we’ve never looked back so it’s been great this year so far,” says Chris Dudding.

The 5 inches of snow that fell last night has turned into 13 with the help of snow makers.

It’s giving the resort more hope for a longer season.

“Whenever we have fresh snow and we have cold weather and the schools are out, perfect! (Would you say this is your best season yet?) It’s the best season since I’ve been working here,” says Roundtop Mountain Resort employee, Denny Fry.

The resort is hoping to keep the slopes open well into March.

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