Man helps firefighters battle flames and the cold with emergency truck

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In Washington Township, Franklin County a fire tore through the Stanley Auto Body Shop. It destroyed everything inside and took roughly 2 hours to put out. The cold weather caused a slew of problems including ice from the hoses as well as keeping firefighters warm. That’s where Terry Sigler comes into play. Sigler, who’s nicknamed Spitty, works with Washington County Emergency Rehab Unit.

For nearly 2 decades Spitty, who’s also a retired firefighter, has been keeping his former colleagues warm while they put out fires like the one in Washington Township. The truck he works out of packs a kitchen area with 6 microwaves, a seating area for firefighters to escape the frigid temperatures and what he calls the most popular room, the bathroom. For the fire at Stanley’s Auto Body Shop he brewed more than 10 pots of coffee and served more than 40 cups of hot chocolate.

“It just feels good to be able to still do it because I’m getting too old to do the fire fighting part so it’s my way to help the community out” said Spitty. He helped fellow firefighters from 10 different fire companies stay warm and do their job.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated but the store owner told us it could have been a wood burning stove that started it. After roughly 2 hours the firefighters put out the flames which started around 8:30AM. Once it was out they packed up their gear and left. Spitty’s was the last truck to leave the scene.

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