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Steelton fire forces 3 people out of their home

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Fire forced two adults and a child out of their home in Steelton, Dauphin County.

It happened around 5 o’clock Tuesday evening.

Six fire companies responded to a fire at 402 Swatara Street in Steelton.

Steelton Mayor, Tom Acri says it could’ve been worse.

“It’s real icy up there but that’s common, besides that everything’s fine and nobody is hurt and that’s the most important thing,” says Tom Acri.

Steelton Fire Chief, Steve Brubacher Sr. says they battled heavy smoke when they arrived but were more concerned that the weather would impact their ability to fight the flames.

“In these kinds of conditions, lower temperatures, the main thing is we have to keep the water flowing so they kept the lines open and the hydrants never froze up so we were in really good condition,” says Brubacher.

Brubacher says the frigid weather won’t stop these firefighters.

“It is down right cold, you know the adrenaline starts to flow we know we have a job to do and you know it keeps us going,” says Brubacher.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.