Harrisburg Mayor says success from bookstore will help the city thrive

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A Harrisburg man had a vision to unite people from around the globe inside his store.  Now his business, Midtown Scholar, is the 6th largest independent bookstore in the country.  Plus, he’s the newly elected mayor of Harrisburg.

Eric Papenfuse says his vision was, “To create literally a destination place for people to come from all over.”

That “place” became a reality in nearly 6 years ago.

Papenfuse says, “This is a business that now employs scores of people, two warehouses with books all over the world, thriving shop filled with almost 200,000 books right here in this space.”

It’s become the largest academic used bookstore in the state.

Papenfuse says, “My wife and I planned every inch of space here in this store.  We envisioned the balcony we’re sitting on, the mural behind us, the layout, every category.”

Now, Mayor Papenfuse is putting his trust in two general managers to oversee operation at Midtown Scholar.

He says, “We knew that when I made the committment to run for Mayor, this had the potential to be victorious, and I would have to step away from the position in the event of getting elected.”

As his newest vision for success grows in the City of Harrisburg.

He says, “It’s about reinvigorating the city and getting on a firm financial footing and having people take pride and be excited to come and shop in Harrisburg and live in Harrisburg again.”

Papenfuse will remain the owner of the beloved bookstore.  The store will also stay open 7 days a week.

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