Possible Kentucky link with I-81 road rage murder

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The road rage murder that happened along I-81 in Franklin County may be related to a similar case in Kentucky.

Kentucky State Police have contacted Pennsylvania authorities to see whether there is a connection to this case and the killing of a police officer in Nelson County, Kentucky, last year.

Trooper Jeff Gregory told FOX43 over the phone that he had no idea about the case in Pennsylvania until he received a phone call from the media.

He says the case that could possibly be connected happened on May 25th of last year along Blue Grass Parkway in Nelson County, Kentucky.

Someone shot and killed police officer Jason Ellis after he left his car to remove debris from the road.

Last Saturday a driver shot and killed Timothy Davison of Maine along Interstate 81 in Antrim Township, Franklin County.

But Trooper Gregory says he’s not quite sure the motive is the same as the incident here in Pennsylvania.

He says his lead investigator is talking with Pennsylvania State Police and they’re comparing notes — possibly finding a connection.

“If it was that would be great for our case. You know, unfortunate for the people in Pennsylvania and I know that’s a big case up there too but any kind of information and anything for us to go on down here is good news for us because we’ve had some very talented detectives working for several months on this case down here and haven’t always had a lot to go on,” says Kentucky State Trooper Jeff Gregory.

Trooper Gregory says his investigation is still in the preliminary stages, but he says he doesn’t want to leave “any stone unturned.”

Pennsylvania State Police won’t comment on if these two cases are connected, but they’re holding a press conference to release more information Friday morning.

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