South Londonderry Township Police Officer’s dream comes true

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A South Londonderry Township Police Officer says he’s one step closer to living his dream.

That dream is to be the k9 handler of his police department.

It was all jump started this past summer when he rescued an injured German Shepherd and received donations to start his own unit.

Donations from South America, Europe, and even Australia helped officer Nick Ague establish South Londonderry Township’s first ever k9 unit… 28 thousand dollars in all.

“We got the full amount in just 4 months and it’s just not something we expected to happen that quickly,” says Ague.

Ague says this lifelong dream come true has left him speechless.

“I don’t know if I have any words to describe it,” says Ague.

The department plans on getting a dual purpose dog — meaning it will be trained to perform regular patrol functions like tracking a person and to detect narcotics.

But — more importantly Ague says his new sidekick will keep the community safer than ever.

“Having a police K9 patrolling the streets is a crime deterrent in itself. Criminals know that K9’s sense of smell is very strong and they can’t outrun a dog and they might just do their business elsewhere instead of doing it in a community that’s patrolled by a K9,” says Ague.

The k9 will be brought over from Europe sometime in the next few months.

And, Ague says the intense 4 week training may force him to learn a different language since the commands the dog first learned were likely not in English.

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